Rachael Jennings
UX designer



Darza had grown organically from small beginnings and wanted a new aesthetic that reflected their ethos of modern, high quality ethical fashion. 

As the sole UI/UX designer on the project I was tasked with creating a new Corporate Identity for the brand as well as the UI/UX design for the website.  


User Persona

After a series of interviews I created a User Persona. This helped to justify design decisions and steer the user centered design process.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Home page

When I first sketched this page I created a full bleed banner with a grid of categories below.

After discussions with the shareholders I increased the size of the category banners. Bold typography, white space and use of a grid created a modern, user friendly experience.



The images in the catalog were initially displayed on a 2X grid. I used minimal line divisions to show different categories of clothing. 

We decided that larger images would be clearer so changed to a swipeable carousel. 


Product page

For the product page we wanted to display the images full screen on a carousel. 

"Add to cart" & "Check out" CTAs are docked at the top & bottom of the screen. This was important as our target audience wasn't very familiar with online shopping.

Mood board

The clothes have a modern, minimal appearance with a lot of neutrals and bright natural colours. The board reflects this; white space, bold modern type, tonal shades inspired by nature, selective use of vibrant colour.

Style Guide

Final Mockups

What I learned.

In this project I needed to find quick ways of collaborating with a wider team. Initially the team were providing feedback via messaging on slack but the process became much quicker and more direct when I asked them to use Adobe XD to comment directly on the prototype. 

I also had to advocate for design decisions that improved the user experience in a respectful and diplomatic way.